Tuesday, 31 January 2012

100 lengths

No time to hang around. The water was 3.5ºC and the air even cooler. Nick kicked the water for a few seconds befor launching himself in for a quick width.

He was prtty fast this morning I guess he wanted to get out as soon as possible. I managed six lengths again but it was harder again than the day before. My fingers felt like they were ballooning as they froze in the water. Taking the long steps out was nightmare too, a solid icy patch nearly sent me back into the water as I tried to get out. The sauna soon worked it's magic, we talked about cereal variety packs while warming up.

A perfect post sauna dive from Elizabeth. It was second time lucky because on her first attempt I pressed the shutter too soon.

Some January statistics:
I did twelve seperate swims this month.
The water was between 3.5ºC and 6ºC
I swam 100 lengths exactly.
Which is 10000yards, about 5.6miles or 9km.

A much milder January than last year and I swam a lot further with four 12 length swims. It is getting colder as we reach February though.

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