Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Warm waters

A rip in the clouds lit up an otherwise dark and cloudy morning. The air was mild and the water didn't feel that bad either, had it warmed up since Sunday? We're getting back to a more regular morning crowd now after the Christmas break. I always dive from seated position into the water, Elizabeth took a picture here.

Peter runs a couple of circuits of the pool before he gets in, I think in a bid to warm up. Then he goes down the steps but still looks reluctant to put his arms in. I wasn't sure how far I'd go but being early I knew I had time for a good swim and sauna, before I knew it I'd done twelve lengths for the second time this month. I then had a good twenty five minute sauna and chat, I wasn't nearly as cold as on Sunday.

While I was changing official temperature taker David was doing his duty. How warm was the water today? He made it 5.5ÂșC! If I'd known it was that cold I wouldn't have swam so far.

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  1. love the picture with david and the door.