Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Orange sky

Despite the New Year the mornings are still dark, the sun was only just coming over the tree's when I reached the pool. I'd watch the sky turn from red through orange, salmon pink to gold as I cycled from home. No frost but a crisp cold morning all the same.

A new pair of flip flops appeared but I'd remembered mine today and just as well, the ground was much colder. I figured I'd manage the same distance as Tuesday, the water can't be all that different can it? Getting in wasn't too bad, perhaps a little colder but by length five my fingers were numb, should I get out after six? No, I had to match yesterday and eight it was if not as easy. The water was about 5ÂșC I'm surprised what a difference it made.

Who's that? Just an arm reaching into the frame. You can see all the leaves and debris blown in the water at the moment.

It's Nando, doing his best to hide behind a leaf. He thought the water was cold too. Then I saw Carl arrive, would he match yesterdays mile? found out how he got on here. Time to go to work, and the sun was now shining, the water has a cold glassy sheen.

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