Tuesday, 3 January 2012

whose shoes?

I forgot my flip flops today. Who left a pair of Crocs by the end of the pool? they're far too blue for my feet.

Black flip flops might do the trick but they were too small for me. I change and being bare foot quickly get into the water.

It was a mild and windy morning, but sheltered by the pool. Some people still needed wooly hats for swimming. My first dip of the New Year, cold much better although not completely gone. The water was nearly 6ÂșC! very good for this time of year. I swam eight lengths, an improvement on last week. Sauna with Elizabeth, Sue and Chris. The King was bruised, he'd been knocked off the stage! Swimming was still quite painfull for him.

Far out in the water Carl swims a mile! An amazing feat for January, Kate swims eight lengths too. Ian arrives and we talk of the opera, he shows me a picture of his daughter on stage. I did see her but there were about 150 people on the stage with her. Vince is dawdling, no work today but I'm getting late and have to go. Pip arrives, will he take up the one mile challenge?

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  1. Alex - I thought I spied you at the side of the pool. Hope you had a good break. Nice for the pool to be a bit warmer than this time last year. Thanks for the mention - and Kate's.