Thursday, 12 January 2012

Quack Quack

I'm not sure what Bertie and Gertie will think of this young pretender but Quack Quack (I didn't name him) has become a lido fixture over the past few days. The last mild morning for a while we are told, so I change quickly and get ready to swim.

Hardly a soul to be seen, Vince was already in the water and Elizabeth was just getting in at the same time as me. She wasn't here yesterday and found it a bit cold I think.

She didn't hesitate though, straight in and off! I followed, the water felt the same as yesterday temperature wise which was later confirmed by David, 5.5ÂșC again. I managed twelve lengths again perhaps for the last time this month. On saturday I'm off for a couple of weeks in Tunisia, I hope to get some good swims in there.

The sloping steps have been mended. When you're freezing after a long swim they are the easiest way to exit the water. Nick is actually getting in in this picture.

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