Friday, 13 January 2012

It bites

Plenty of sun on a cold frosty morning. Notice the wet foot prints reflecting the light?

They froze on the cold ground. I was late and the air was cool so I only did six lengths today before getting out. The water might not have been much colder but my fingers were frozen in the frigid air. In the sauna I found out we've now reached Latvia! by the shorter route at least. I said we wouldn't make it and I was wrong, the generally mild weather has been a big help.

A whoop and a splash, Sue mid air on her apres sauna dip. I never fancy getting back in after the sauna but some people swear by it.

By the time I was leaving the sun was on the water, A lone shark swimming in the top right corner. I love the way the light moves through the water.

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