Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Swimming time

Jane contemplating the water. Reading Carl's post from yesterday here I started to think more about time in the water. Kate did a kilometre in 29 minutes, with an extra minute or so Carl did a mile. I'm doing a kilometre in just under 20 minutes at the moment but I wouldn't want to stay in the water much longer. Jane swims four lengths, it's her first winter season and it also takes her about 20 minutes.

We all swim for different reasons. David is here almost everyday, he has a quick dip followed by a sauna and then takes the water temperature. This morning the sun was breaking through when I reached the lido and the red streaks in the sky were melting away. Nice to swim in the light but it wasn't quite as mild as yesterday. I still managed a kilometre.

Here's Nick, after a long game of handball with Jonathan they both had a short swim. Nick thinks there's something wrong with me swimming so far during the winter.

Jonathan was further out, you can just see him through the leaves. The pool is still quite full of twigs and leaves from the wind last week.

By nine o'clock the sun has broken over the tree line. David is silhouetted against the pool while he takes the temperature, still 5.5ÂșC. Enjoy it while it lasts, it's forecast to go down by the week-end.

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