Thursday, 5 January 2012

Swimming in the rain

Normally I want to dive right into the water as soon as reach the lido. Today didn't have quite the usual appeal, dark, windy and the rain had hail in it.

Batch hopped out of the pool, 'I'm getting too wet!' he shouted before making his way off to the sauna.

I made my way through the stinging rain and into the safety of the water, perhaps a little up on yesterday almost 6ÂșC would be my guess. The wind had driven all the leavesinto a thick layer at the deep end.

It made it difficult to breathe, they stuck to my face and goggles. Sue, Chris and Fred were also swimming by this point. The first time I've had company in the water for a while, a benefit of swimming later. I just did six lengths today, I wanted some sauna time.

The sauna soon filled up. Vince and Batch left to be replaced by Sue, Chris, Fred and Claire. Then Nick, Jonathan and David arrived as well. After a jolly chat and a warm through I made my way off to work. The lifeguard was busy trying to sweep up all those leaves.

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