Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunny Sunday six

Are we in Tenerife? Turkey? Trinidad? Nah - Tooting Lido innit! A sunny Sunday about 11am, the lido looked so appealing. First met Doreen putting her trolly into the back of her car. I let her know I received my new pass the other day thanks to Carl. She told me it was the first one she'd mixed up out of ninety, and touch wood the last.

Stephanie arrived at the same time as me, after putting on her swim cap she went to check the temperature of the tropical looking water. Unfortunately it was only 3.8ÂșC. I told her I'd managed four lengths on Friday so would aim to match it.

Being a quick changer Stephanie was in the water before me so I hopped in to get this picture before setting off. I would have swam with Stephanie but my pace was too high and I didn't want to hang back in the cold water.

Stephanie did four and I did six before we reconvened in the sauna. I was pushing it on the last length and had a little shiver while chatting before getting warm again.Stephanie doesn't hang around and was out of the sauna in a few minutes but decided to luxuriate a bit longer.

Ivan came into the sauna after his two widths and lay down on the top shelf to recover. He was telling me about his new sequined mini top hat! It must look fantastic but not so good for swimming.

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