Friday, 24 February 2012

Optomistic thermometer

It was a grey but mild morning, the sun was trying to come through but the cloud was winning. Rumour had it the water was 6ºC, could it be true? Stephanie had taken the temperature with her electronic thermometer, 'you can do eight lengths today' she told me, she already had. I did manage eight, Vince did six. Elizabeth stopped after two lengths to take some pictures in the water which you can see here, then did some widths.

I still count David as the official temperature taker, the string on the thermometer is wrapped around his shoe so he had this distinctive pose while waiting.

Hard to see but not quite 6ºC more like 5.5ºC. I think Steph has an optomistic thermometer, but the temperature is on the way up. In January I managed a kilometre when the water had gone down to 5ºC but somehow I find it more difficult building up distance as the water warms up. Will I manage a kilometre before the end of the month?

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