Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Iceberg alert

Although the ice sheet has mostly broken up there was were quite a few ice plates floating around in the pool. The lifeguards were doing there best to clear them from the water. A fine snow was falling and the wind bitterly cold, Swimming didn't seem like much fun.

I set off on a two length swim. It was good to be out of that wind but my hands soon swelled up and froze. I stuck to the wall to avoid the ice. I saw Vince getting in just after me, he usually swims close to the wall because he doesn't use goggles. I turned at the deep end expecting to see him behind me but he had gone wide to avoid a clash. Without goggles he had veered out in the icy water. He said he felt the ice brush against him as him swam though.

A good sauna soon warmed me up. Elizabeth then obliged me with a jump back into the water, reaching for the overcast skies.

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