Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Above and below

The Stanton cross, a familiar site for the early dippers. Chris walks almost a third of a length arms outstretched before he can swim.

Nick decided to join Chris on his return length, it was colder than he thought so he sprinted. Look carfully and you can see Chris left behind in the bubbles.

A shallow dive and two widths for Ian. He slapped the water when he hit it splashing David who can just be seen nearing the steps.

'Take a picture of me' asked Pip so I obliged. With her gloves on there was no stopping her, I'm not sure if she did six or eight widths.

I followed her taking pictures, trying to get the above and below the water shot. It was difficult to get her in the frame when you can't see.

I like the watery effect, it's almost how it looks when swimming. See how grey the sky is, by the time I waa leaving the sun was coming out.

I didn't wait for the temperature today, I'm sure it's gone up but perhaps not that much. It takes a good few mild days for the water to get warmer, the childrens pool still has ice on it. I'm not sure how that chair got there?


  1. Alex - Doreen has sent me your membership card! Must have ginger confusion. Let me have your postal address and I'll send it to you. carl.alan.reynolds(at)

  2. You could keep it until I see you if that's easier? I wonder if I'll get yours? I sent a stamped, self addressed envelope.