Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Lucky seven

I arrived today to find Kate at the lido, she had already been there a half hour chatting and drinking coffee. Stephanie emerged from the sauna with a grin on her face, 'It's 7ÂșC today!'. Elizabeth arrived as I was changing. Stephanie was about to dive in, she doesn't wait around. Kate and Elizabeth were poised to shoot so I rushed out to get this picture.

Stepahnie also did a second dive for us. For Elizabeth's versions of the same dive go here and for Kate's go here. I then decided to try the water for myself, taking my camera in with me fro the first time this year.

Elizabeth swimming far above me. The water was getting crowded! there must have been five or six of us in at the same time today.

I like this one better. The arm reaching down is reflected above Elizabeth's head. It was a grey morning, mild again with little wind. I stayed in for twelve length which was probably around twenty minutes along with the pictures.

Kate didn't get into the water until I had my sauna and shower. She has a wonderfully relaxed glide. I believe she was going to do twelve lengths aswell which will be nearer to thirty minutes swimming for her.

I managed to get this half and half picture of Kate. A view into the secret underwater world of the lido. Even on a grey morning the relected light bounces around in the water.


  1. that last photo, the one of Kate, is sensational!! seeing mine makes me realise that I think I don't bend my under water arm enough which may be why I am not as fast as I could/should be!?! what do you think? or is that phase just a fraction before one naturally bends the elbow to push down?

  2. Perhaps we need to ask Margy about the arms? Yours do look quite straight. The top picture would suggest you could glide a bit more, your left arm is in the water before you've pulled half way through with the right.
    Your picture of me shows my naughty left arm bending far too much!