Thursday, 23 February 2012

Very handy

Whose hand is this? what happend to the reast of them? A mild morning, mercury going up all the time. Strangely quiet when I arrived but the regulars soon turned up.

It was Elizabeth of course! read about her morning here. Although the water was a bit warmer six length still seemed like enough, it was beautiful with the sun reflecting off the doors into the water.

Margy stuck to widths today, I'm sure she'll be doing lengths again soon.

Chris and Sue race past gloved Sue on their morning widths. Sue said she'd be ready for lengths tomorrow.

Try as I might I couldn't get a face on Chris and Sue in the same shot together. Chris did a couple of length on his own afterwards.


  1. Hi Alex, It was funny seeing you run down along side me when I was swimming ... I wondered whether you are gong to have a full reportage on me :) or whether you were not quite catching me ?! reaching the end of lap two I couldn't see you anymore... besides, I was short of breath (wasn't feeling too well this morning which is why I arrived late) so I didn't ask you about the shots and thought I'd wait for your blog! the first one is funny! The other one of me you used is lovely- seeing the full body - I'm sure you already know what's coming... Would be great to have a copy of it please! thx Alex

  2. like margy's shot too! it shows how she bends her knees when she kicks ... wonder whether this is where I'm going wrong ... I'm really straight .. and rather slow!