Monday, 6 February 2012

Slush puppies

Saturday's snow still surrounded the pool, and the ice dragged to the deep end was still floating in the water despite the small rise in temperature. A grey morning but the roads were mostly clear now so I risked the cycle back to the lido.

Grabbing the snow shovel Vince cleared just enough ice to allow us to swim lengths. Not having been in since last Thursday I wasn't sure how far I could swim but if Vice was doing two lengths then so would I.

The channel in the ice wasn't large enough for us both to swim at the same time so I took this picture before it was my turn.

The water was cold, about 0.5ÂșC I'm told. My hands swelled up instantly but my core felt okay. Two lengths was enough with out gloves. I took this image afterwards, you can see the uneven depth of the ice. I imagine it was like swimming though a giant Slush Puppie.

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  1. I wish I'd been as savvy as you guys, swam later and was only allowed to do widths. Hoping for lengths tomorrow!