Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Fat Tuesday

A sunny pancake day, water up to 3ÂșC and plenty of faces around to make the most of it. Kate and Carl had come for an early morning swim and with Vince also getting in at the same time it was almost crowded. Carl was length ahead of me when I got in. I wished I could have stayed in long enough to catch him up but six lengths was enough for me. Carl did a massive ten and Kate did four lengths and six widths, starting before me and ending sometime after.

The sauna was busy as usual. Fred and Inez were already warming themselves and we were joined by many others. Carl was telling me of the many swim trips he and Kate have planned for the year. Of all the exotic locations Tenby seemed to be the one Kate was most looking forward to. Plenty more inspiring stories to come at musings of an aquatic ape.

I do hope this is the start of spring, it felt good standing in the sunshine, I could really get used to it.

Kevin's wetsuit has a large hole in the knee, you can see the rip from here. Swimming on his own today, not sure where Ian was?

Pip arrived with a pair of scales and told us he was going to lose three stones. At that point he hadn't even weighed himself. He clocked in at 17.5 stones, apparently he used to have a 26" inch waist when he was eighteen!


  1. Alex - great pictures. At first glance the one of Kevin looks like a lido shark, but I'm sure he's more of a fluffy seal! And I like the distortion effect on the one of the lido sign.

  2. The distortion effect is just a wet lens, I liked it so I posted it. Just to clarify 'Fat Tuesday' has nothing to do with the picture of Chris!

  3. Great shots Alex ....love the one of Chris - lens half in half out of the water makes for a great effect! I missed not being able to come for my swim this morning ... looks very sunny and swimming lengths possible is such a bonus .... Pip's slimming plans sound interesting - he has an incredibly small waist in relation to his shoulders already now ! God knows what he will look like after his loss in weight ... :)