Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Tuesday chill

A warmer night, perhaps the water had gone up fractionally but still around 8ÂșC. An early swim not many in the water. I knew I could do it today, but it still wasn't easy. Length twelve Iain wetsuited joined me in the water, the race was welcome and helped me pick up the pace to stop my limbs going numb. Four length later Sue joined us, we were still going quite a pace and dropped her on the return leg. I'd done eighteen again - here's hoping the weather holds until Thursday.

Carl was just getting in after I'd had my sauna. I don't think we'll attempt the mile together on Thursday but it did really help to have a pace maker like Iain today. I let Nick know his best chance of beating me this year will be to get in on my final length.

Although I had the camera today there was no stopping while I swam. I was hoping Carl might do a tumble turn but all I got was this blurry image. There are plenty of images of today by Elizabeth here and more musings by Carl here, Tooting must be the most blogged lido in the country!


  1. Alex I wasn't trying to race you, just keep up. I've realised that the golden rule is to stay a metre behind you and never pull level or go ahead!

  2. Ha ha! A sort of race, I was going as fast as I could when you first got in. I thought you were level with me for the whole six lengths.