Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sunday sun

Such a sunny Sunday I decided to have a swim. I got up late and saw the dark clouds moving away after overnight rain, it was still rather windy though.

Not a cloud in the sky, just a few pigeons and leaves being blown around. I saw Carl and Nando leaving the car park as I arrived, I had missed most of the Sunday swimmers I knew, Michael was in the water but had left by the time I got in. The temperature was still given as 8.5ÂșC.

The pool was almost in full sun with a thick layer of leaves on the surface, it was nice to swim through them all. The late season leaves are soft and reflect the light and water beautifully while you swim pulling great handfuls of them down as I made my way through the water.

The wind was whipping the water surface, I love the reflected patterns made. After my usual eighteen lengths I decided to do four more after all I wasn't in any rush to get to work today. I then spent a good 30minutes in the sauna, I had a little shiver to begin with but sat on a low bench and warmed through before leaving.

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