Monday, 7 November 2011

Blue Monday

Green Monday if you're going by doors or grey Monday if you're going by the weather. Blue Monday if we take the temperature into consideration, 11ÂșC this morning and it felt much colder than last week. The weather hasn't really snapped, I guess it's just been a bit cooler at night and less sunny by day. I arrived about 8am the ligth still gloomy. Kate was eating porridge having already swam. I'd spoken to her yesterday and she had told me that she had to drop Carl at the station at 6.45 and would then go directly to the Lido afterwards.

The water was empty when I got in, the breeze lapping the surface but not too many leaves gathering on the surface. I was soon joined by Elizabeth and Vince. I stopped to take a picture of Vince, perhaps a bit too early not having judged his approching speed that well. It was cold standing in the water and I had to set off again. Later I saw Chris seemingly walk about half a length before he can get his shoulders in the water, Sue set off just as I turned and I had to go full speed to catch her as she caught up with Chris. I had imagined I'd get out at eighteen but when it arrived I thought I should carry on, twenty two in all and quite chilly afterwards, the distance will have to drop his week.

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