Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Still at eleven

I'm checking the thermometer, is it it a trick? The water refuses to budge hovering around that 11ÂșC mark. In someways I should be glad, I can still swim twenty two lengths without any discomfort but on a dull wet morning the sauna would be nice too.

The water was quite full today, perhaps we're all trying to get to Latvia? I even had a little collision, my fault. I caught the feet of a woman swimming in front of me, I wasn't looking and although I'd seen her turn I hadn't judged the speed differential very well. Again I had been loking to do eighteen but ended up at twenty two. I spoke to Pip afterwards who had done twenty two yesterday, the difference being with stopping and chatting he'd been in the water about 75 minutes! more than twice as long as me.


  1. Blimey, it's like catching fish...Pip told me he'd been in for an hour yesterday. Guess the story improves with the telling of it!

  2. A day later, you gotta add fifteen minutes! Given how much he stands around chatting both in and out of the water it's probably true.

  3. You must have been on a mission today, Alex .. first mowing down poor Jane and no stopping to take any picture ... hope you redeem yourself tomorrow :)