Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Good days sunshine

Up early, a bright morning. Light cloud was evaporating as I cycled up to the lido, the sun pale yellow behind a veil of cloud as it rose. Johnathan was doing his yoga and I saw Stephanie before she left after another mammouth swim. The sauna was not on despite yesterdays temperature reading but with sun beginning to sparkle on the water that didn't seem to matter, everything's better when the sun shines.

Sue sent me this picture of myself, an instagram she took on her iPod. It has a nice geometry and I like the fact I look like I'm swimming well, one hand really reaching out while the other is way back past my thigh. This is how I feel I always swim but photographic evidence tells me this isn't true.

When the sun shines the reflection on the water of the coloured doors is beautiful. Taken in the pool I seem to have water on the lens, nearly all the leaves are off the trees now.
The water didn't feel too bad and was mostly empty given my early arrival. after 12 lengths Alfonso flung himself into the pool and started racing, I couldn't let him disappear so I immediately gave chase. We raced for six more length before I got out exhausted. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Elizabeth running up and down the side of the lido trying to get some pictures of the action, I wonder if she will post some later on her blog?

After getting out I took this picture across the water into the sun, there were by now quite a few people in the water although they're rather hard to spot. Racing with Alfonso had kept me warm in the water so I didn't miss the still closed sauna at all.


  1. yes Alex, the "race" has been posted! I bet you got a shock when you felt Alfonso suddenly jump in and getting a head start on you?!

  2. Yes, he seemed to catapult himself into the water and went off at such a rate of knots that I was stunned for a second before I got going. It was good fun to race though, thanks for the pictures.

  3. Did a 30 today in preparation for an hour with Stephanie on Sunday morning. Shivered a little!