Thursday, 10 November 2011

2012 SLSC Calendar

I saw the 2012 SLSC calendar this morning, which is now on sale for £8. It's got loads of lido pictures in it taken by Elizabeth, Anthony and Carl among others. Even better it has pictures by me including one of my trunks! you must all buy a copy.

Elizabeth has clearly let the fame go to her head! She was gliding nicely but the delay on my camera in the depths of the pool meant I didn't get the shot until she was breathing.

I don't know this chaps name, he did a lot of running about in the shallow end before swimming a couple of lengths, he's looking directly at me, I wonder what he's thinking? I didn't geta chance to talk to him.

It looks like I took this picture from a step ladder, Margy was turning just as I got out so I took this picture of her pushing off, there must have been a drip on the lens blurring the image. I only swam eighteen this morning.

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