Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A drop in the ocean

Damp but still mild another early start. Stephanie was just leaving when I arrived and Vince arrived about a minute later. Only one swimmer in the pool (not sure of her name) who got out just as I was getting in. 'There's enough room for two' I told her. Water not yet crystal clear but better than yesterday.

Taken from the depths Vince looks rather small in this shot, he also looks like he has a large white beard. The water was nippy but not too bad, still managed eighteen lengths. Time for a sauna again, a good fifteen minutes to warm back up, lots of chat about channel swimming times. Someone broke the seven hour record this last year but it hasn't been comfirmed yet. Below ten hours is fast and above sixteen you miss the tide and have to stay in for ages, the slowest recorded crossing was an SLSC member who did it in twenty eight hours!

Trying to be artistic I wanted to catch the reflection of the pool in a drop of water from the drawstring of my trunks. Abit more sun would have made a better image no doubt.

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