Monday, 21 November 2011

Misty monday

Perhaps not as dramatic as yesterday but the mist was still hanging around this morning. I got to the lido quite early as I was determined to have sauna time today. Perhaps in sympathy the pool water has also gone cloudy, not very good for pictures. Vince was the only other person in the pool when I got in, after he got out I had the whole lido to myself for a few lengths. The water felt heavy and cold almost syrupy, it's strange how it changes with temperature and weather. I felt a satisfying purchase on the water, like shifting large blocks with my arms as I pushed the water out of the way.

Waving through the foggy water it's Sue. I did eighteen lengths and still had time for 15 minutes in the sauna. I was on my own in the sauna to begin with but it soon filled up, always a good place for a chat. Sue had a progress chart for reaching Latvia, as the crow flies it's 1068 miles which is a lot less than the original 1400 mile target. We've done a bout 400 miles so far so we might well make it if the weather holds. Having worn my fleece and coat I was hot by the time I reached work.

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