Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Morning sunshine

A bright sunny morning and still quite mild. Water about 12ÂșC. Alfonso was getting in the pool as I arrived. I got in the water after he'd done two lengths, avoided a scuttling peter and caught up with him. He's definitely going slower but he swims beautifully smoothly. Not a bubble from his hands.

Ian was wetsuited and in the water a bit later on but was too far ahead to catch today. Next in my sights was Sue and we swam a couple of lengths together before Chris got in. The sunlight in the trees and on the water looked stunning, the wind was picking up a bit blowing the leaves about. The filters weren't on today and all the leaves had gathered at the shallow end which was unusual.

I went on to do another twenty two, but Latvia is still a long way off.

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  1. Got another 3000 yards towards Latvia today, with no adverse after effects.