Thursday, 17 November 2011

Brighter later

There was that orange glow in the sky this morning that let me know that the sun would break through later. I got to the lido at the same time as Alfonso. He had a bruised knee and hand from crashing his bike on Tuesday, a car had pulled out without looking and he couldn't stop in time.

He was alright to swim though and we set off at a brisk pace, as predicted the sun did come through. I took some pictures and then raced to catch Alfonso up again. Tricky was in the water for a twenty four length swim, we passed him a couple of times perhaps his long shorts are dragging him backwards?

At the shallow end Alfonso just about to turn with Tricky already on a new length, we'll catch him up though! Alfonso got out after twelve, beating me on his last length sprint. I went on to do eighteen. I was too late for a sauna so it was just a quick shower and off to work.

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