Monday, 28 November 2011

Cold mile

A cold night, perhaps a light frost even. No camera so no new pictures. No official temperature but must be 8ÂșC at the very most, certainly colder than yesterday. I had doubts about how far I could go, hands were really cold from the start but the rest of me didn't feel too bad. It was nice in the water, not quite as many leaves. Nando was swimming but I left him behind, couldn't break my rhythm if I wanted to do the full distance. Twelve, fourteen, sixteen all okay but really pushed for the last two, eighteen lengths in total. I knew had plenty of time for a sauna. I'm hoping the week is mild enough to do a December mile, we'll have to see.


  1. Yes, I have my sights on a December mile too. Last year the pool temp was 4 degrees C at this time, so its on our side. I'm hoping to do it on Thursday.

  2. you should aim on swimming the mile together ... sure it warms the heart swimming in pairs!

  3. Elizabeth, I'll be on length 15 or 16 while Alex is finishing and warming his toes in the sauna!