Friday, 18 November 2011

Friday on my mind

The sky is clear before I leave the house, another sunny morning. Cycling south eastish to get to the lido the light is in my eyes most of the way. When I reach the lido though the sun isn't yet above the tree line but it will be soon. The water had dropped again 9ÂșC today.

Nando and Vince were in the water not long after me. Nando isn't slow but rather than keep swimming he's quite happy to sit in the water between lengths, he had swam seven lengths in about the samw time I did eighteen. There's no way I could just sit in the water for that ammount of time.

Elizabeth was in the water too, I know she's down to four lengths now so I thought I better try and get a picture, here she comes...

Here she is! I really like the reflection in this image and the triple left hand. Again I was too late for a sauna, so just a quick shower and I cycled into work.


  1. Nando: Ahhh get yourself some lard around those orange shots Mr. Tintin - that's my endurance secret :-)

  2. Oh yes, triple hand .. never seen that before! also hard to see where my head is due to the reflection. well done for your 18 lengths .. I could never ever do that in 9 C! as for Mr. Nando... well, he has a point: his insulation could for a lot :)