Friday, 4 November 2011

Tiny swimmer

November has been remarkably mild so far, 13ÂșC was the water temperature this morning which must be some kind of record. I'm enjoying the water a lot right now, I do plan to swim through the winter and when it's like this it seems easy but I know the temperture will plummet, ice and snow adding to the hardship. The weather wasn't much fun today either, grey and wet again.
I arrived rather late and planned on an eighteen length swim. I saw Nick get in the water even though he claims I didn't, I saw him set off at full pelt as well, I tracked him the whole length and yes he is quite fast but at no time was I worried and if he thinks he was only one yard behind me he probably needs his eyes testing too. He made no attempt to race back in the opposite direction.
The rest of the swim was uneventful, I was making good time so did twenty two again anyway.

Margy upped her distance today, playing it safe though she's now on six lengths. I really like this picture (the only one I took today) from the bottom of the pool, the light is good and Margy is looking right down at me.

Here's a close view, really please with this one.

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  1. Alex - it was 12 degrees C at the beginning of November last year, but had dropped to 4 degrees C by the end of the month.