Thursday, 3 November 2011

Perfect start to the day

It's gloomy and grey, raining even as I cycle up to the lido but I feel positive about things this morning. Of course we'll make it to Latvia, and what better way than swimming? Perhaps not everyone shared my enthusiasm because the water's pretty empty, never mind.

Suited Ian is in the water before me and acts as pace setter for my swim. Vince thought I'd been in the water a really long time yesterday (about 35 minutes), he feels the cold much quicker than me, the price you pay for being so skinny. The water has held it's temperature of about 12ÂșC all week, I'm really getting used to it, refreshing but not too cold yet.

I got this picture of Tom about the same time, the water was filling up a bit as more swimmers arrived.

Alfonso also came for a swim. I really like this picture, left arm stretched right in front and right hand way back to the hip, with hardly a bubble in sight apart from his big square feet. Having reached twenty two again I got out, I think that's plenty for me at this temperature.

After my shower Alfonso had finished his ten length swim but then did a couple of widths of butterfly, he'll get extra points for that on way to Latvia!

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