Sunday, 6 November 2011

SLSC Vs Serps 2011

The SLSC website told us that we lost last year in the winter swimming gala against the serpentine. In what was perhaps a technical glitch or maybe a confidence booster It also told us we had already beaten them in 2011. We had a lot to live up to, the Serpentine have a strong team of young swimmers. Alfonso didn't win the butterfly but deserves extra points for style as always.

With the extra confidence of special club trunks (we've really got to get some for the SLSC, I'd buy a pair) the Serps weren't going to give up too easily. Fifteen races with Eggs non-stop innuendo over the pa system, Sid James would have blushed. A carefully fielded team of SLSC swimmers gave us a lot more wins than last year but the competition was close.

I think that's Carl edging a win in the four width relay. I was in two events myself, an under 40's relay and the under 40's freestyle. I didn't win either, I find it difficult to sprint a width. I'm sure I'd have done better over a length or two.

But taking part was great fun. Sue was in the backstroke race, not her favourite stroke. A lot of effort had been made with food and drink to keep all the competitors happy. Chilly and grey with the water a little cooler than Friday the sauna had thankfully been switched on for the day as well.
The final relay was a bit of a disaster for the SLSC, a slow start gave far too much ground to cover and the Serps superior swimmers even lapped us to get double points. In the end though the SLSC website had been correct and we just edged out Serps for a gala win in 2011. Well done to all who took part and helped arrange the event.

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