Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A Bear Called Paddington?

We had been promised sun on the weather forecast but it was misty again. Quite heavy, cold and damp air, the water didn't look too promising when I arrived.

You could barely see to the far end of the pool, we were still allowed to swim lengths though. I was a little later than yesterday and there were a few more people in the pool than usual. The water didn't feel too bad compared with the air temperature.

A little later the sun began to break through the mist, a bit of water on the lens adds to the effect I think. After six lengths swimming I saw Iain set off in his wetsuit anout ten yards before I turned and then five yards closer and Alfonso splashed into the water and raced off. I turned and did my best to catch up. Iain was too far in front but I was soon on pace with Alfonso. Iain rested at the end of his sprint, Alfonso and I went on to do ten lengths together.

Alfonso got out after ten, I think he was late for work. Sue was by now swimming with Iain and I wanted to do two more lengths to make a total of eighteen. I dived to the bottom of the pool when I saw them coming to get this shot.

After they had turned I got this picture of them on their way back and joined them for my final length. Still enough time for a ten minute sauna. Margy was wearing a new metallic blue swimsuit and we were trying to think of our favourite fictional London characters. I always had a soft spot for Paddington Bear although I suppose he was an immigrant from darkest Peru.

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