Monday, 14 November 2011

Perfect 10

Yesterday was a lovely sunny autumnal day, I swam at Parliament Hill lido with a couple of friends Gail and Adam that I met on the Swimtrek holiday in Sardinia earlier this year. The water was about 12ºC, as you swam the sunlight bounced off the steel lining of the pool. We stayed in for a half hour no problem, sitting in the sun afterwards to warm up again, it was beautiful.
This morning was a bit of a contrast, dull with drizzle, Tooting lido did not look inviting. The board outside still read 10.5ºC but I could see it hadn't been changed since Friday. I got in to the empty pool alone, it was certainly colder than Parliament Hill, soon after Pip and Vince got in.

Both of them swim without goggles. Vince sticks to the wall but Pip braves the open water. It was too cool to stop for very long. I snapped a couple of shots and got on my way.

Eighteen length were enough. After I'd showered David annouced the emperature for the day, an official 10ºC! I'm not sure if this means we get the sauna tomorrow or not? I'm glad I can still do a mile and not need it but five minutes warmth would be very welcome after swimming.

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