Monday, 24 October 2011

Too cold

I saw Michael just getting out of the water as I arrived, Is it warm? I asked and he told me he was feeling the burn having just got out. The board said 11ÂșC, having not swam since Friday I wasn't sure how far I could go. The pool was empty when I first got in, the water feels like being pinched all over for the first length or so, I got an ice cream headache and the water felt thick and gloopy. The headache passes and the skin numbs a bit and the water didn't seem too bad. Ian who is too skinny has resorted to his wetsuit, he swims much quicker in it and I had a fun length or two catching him up.

Elizabeth, Sue, Vince, David, Margy and some others, the water was filling up. Having done fourteen lengths I decided to carry on to eighteen, I felt okay in the water. As I finished Nick jumped in to the water ready to try and beat me over a length but I was too cold to carry on. A minute later Nick appeared in the showers having only done two widths. After my shower I was feeling quite cold and put on all my clothes, I was feeling a bit shivery I had slightly over done it. A cycle into work soon put me right but I'll be happy when the sauna goes on.

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