Friday, 7 October 2011

Flip flop weather

It was much cooler today. Yesterday the warm morning had given way to a cold afternoon and evening. I had the heating on this morning for the first time this season. The wind had dropped and the water was just over 15ÂșC which didn't feel too bad but the ground was cold
The pool had a lot of leaves in it, made it difficult to see at times as they tended to stick to my goggles. The leaves are still quite scratchy, especially when you hit a large pile of them, I like to watch them hanging in the water, yellow and red reflecting the weak sun.
I saw Nick get in the pool but paid no attention, I'd already turned and was continuing at a steady pace. About two thirds of the length later he came rushing by me, I'd spotted him in only just enough time and really had to sprint the last third to finish before him. Nick has a very quick sprint but he did start behind me, he'll have to try something else if he's going to beat me.

Elizabeth shows me her flip flops, I'll have to dig mine out if the weather isn't getting any warmer. Twenty two lengths in all.

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