Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A rare sight

A much milder morning, rain over night but it was beginning to clear up as I reached the pool. A couple of swimmers in the water and Jonathan doing yoga by the waters edge as usual. After yesterday I wasn't sure how far I would swim, I rolled into the water and got going. It's still around 11ºC I think, I didn't check with David though. Jonathan after his yoga got in for a swim, I thought I'd better try and get a picture because he doesn't stay in too long. When I stopped to get the shot being a friendly sort he stopped as well to have a chat! This somewhat ruined the dynamic shot I wanted to get, so I could only capture him as he swam off again.

I went on to do eighteen lengths again and felt absolutly fine today. I made sure my shower was shorter and also had a jumper with me to put on before I cycled to work.
Big excitement surrounding the sauna which was on this morning at about 8.45. When I Margy arrived I told her and she seemed quite cross, it's still too mild for it to be used according to her. If we have any fainters like last year she's worried that DC Leisure will stop us from using it for ever. It took Margy a good ten years battle to be allowed to have the sauna in the first place and she doesn't want us to lose it now. After last years fainters the sauna was switched off until the water temperature reached 8ºC. It's difficult because most of us regulars are aware of how cold it gets and how far we can go but it will only take one person to over do it and we will all suffer if the sauna is closed. Swimming through the winter is more popular than ever and SLSC membership is higher than ever, I'm sure the sauna is a big draw for cold water swimmers.

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  1. well we'll see if the sauna will be on tomorrow ... Margy must have arrived after I have left .. because the life guards told me that they are switching the sauna on tomorrow @ 7am ... Margy might instruct a different routine and we will have to wait until the water reaches 10 Celsius?!