Thursday, 6 October 2011

Half a pool

A bright sunny morning, the wind and rain from last night had passed over and it didn't feel as cold as they said it would. The water temperature is about 16ÂșC now and we were reduced to the winter swimming section of just half the pool and across the shallow end. I like swimming on the trackside and along with all the leaves the water felt quite crowded. Started of pacing myself against a swimmer I didn't know, took me twelve length to pass him. Then swam a few length with Alfonso. Pip and Batch were swimming up and down beside us for a while,  I saw Batch wait for our arrival and gave him a little half length race.

Here's Batch in all his rolling glory making his way though the leaves. I think his sroke looks a lot better, he has a good reach and roll but told me he wants to go faster. Next time I'm going to film him to see if there's anything he can improve upon. Twenty two lengths in all.

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