Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Polenta cake

Another grey morning with light drizzle as I made my way up to the lido but it's still warm and the water is hovering about 17ÂșC which is good. A good turn out with about a dozen in the water when I arrived, I found a spot between Tom and Vince and set off in the leafy water. Sue and Chris started swimming a little bit later and I got this synchronised picture of them, I love the reflection of Sue's pink watch.

As I was getting dried and changed Chris was talking about baking with Wendy and Gail. Their conversation was making me hungry so I told them so. It started because Chris had a hazelnut and grapefruit polenta cake, he gave me a slice which was delicious, I never tasted a cake quite like it, nutty, moist but witha citrus kick at the end. Chris was telling us he's going to be in panto this Christmas - we must all go and see him!

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