Wednesday, 26 October 2011

If you want to get ahead ...

... get a hat. That's exactly what I did. Tried my new neoprene hat this morning, wore the orange one over the top. My head was much warmer and it made a real difference, no ice cream headache so I could concentrate on the swimming as soon as I got it. It does make my head float a bit more than usual and swimming sounds different because it covers my ears but the benefit in heat retention is worth it.
A wet grey morning but it was clearing up as I reached the pool, being half term there are a few extra swimmers around but it isn't exactly busy. Vince was at the pool with his kids in tow, they weren't going to swim though. The sauna wasn't on and the water temperature is still around 11ÂșC, I checked with David to make sure they aren't fooling us.

Here's Pip swimming without goggles, I don't know how she finds her way? It's nice having a few more people in the water, spent the first part of my swim chasing Ian in his wetsuit then a couple of lengths catching Sue before Chris joined her. Then after a few photo stops I caught up with a swimmer whose name I don't know, a teacher on half term. Eighteen lengths in total.

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