Thursday, 27 October 2011

Blurry nice

A dark cloudy morning I arrived a little later than usual, Elizabeth had just got out of the water and wanted me to take some pictures of her swimming in her new costume. I changed as quick as possible while she waited shivering and took a few shots of her. The looked alright on the camera screen but having seen them on the computer I'm afraid they're all a bit blurry.

Perhaps I went to deep to get the light or maybe I just didn't get the focus in my rush. It's a very nice swimsuit but I'll have to have another go at picturing it.
The water is still only just above 10ÂșC, I'm sure they're waiting until November at least before the sauna get put on. With my neoprene hat eighteen lengths was no problem.


  1. i think they're good shots, as they show how she glides in the water (no bubbles!). as to the swimsuit - I think they all look alike to most people, it's only those of us who swim loads who can tell the difference.

  2. Hi Mr Bubbles - thanks again for taking the shots this morning - my entry is now ready with a link to your blog and info on the website who offer the 10% off voucher - still have to make doubly sure that the code for the voucher works as I had difficulties just copy and pasting the banner I was sent ...