Friday, 28 October 2011

Friday feeling

A mild morning with the sun breaking through overnight clouds. The water was empty when I got in, still getting used to the muffled sounds of my new cap when I swim. I saw more and more people arrive but the water stayed empty while lots of chat was going on by the changing cubicles.

Michael was breaststroking up and down, I love the surface reflections in this shot. It's still a little dark under the water, I hope the clocks changing on Sunday will help with the available light next week.

Gus was swimming before Sue and Chris got in but here they all ended up swimming together. I don't usually see Gus because he swims early but it's half term this week so he has been in the water a bit later.
I went on to do eighteen lengths.
Elizabeth didn't arrive until I had got out so I didn't have the chance to re-shoot her new cossie. Chris having finished his swim took up the challenge, grabbing Elizabeth's camera it was funny to watch him trying to run along in the water to get a shot. I wonder if he got one?

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  1. yes sorry about arriving late this morning, Alex ...
    I hadn't noticed that Chris had a go with my camera until I got out and he told me :) I put one shot up on my blog .. he caught a funny angle and moment! we'll have to have another go at a "pretty cosy" shot next week! yes the hour we are gaining in the morning (but losing in the evening!) will help, I'm sure! have a good w/e ? not sure if you come on a saturday? I'll be there ...