Friday, 14 October 2011

Goggle less

A bright sunny morning but with it an autumnal nip in the air and a heavy dew on the ground. The board said the water was only 14.5ÂșC today but Friday was popular as ever with a good crowd swimming up and down. Elizabeth was taking photos in the water as well today, perhaps she'll post some later? She took a shot of me plunging in, I wonder how it came out?
With the water quite full I was swimming between Pip and Vince, neither of them wear goggles.  Although they both swim in quite a straight line I had to keep my eyes open to make sure I didn't crash into them.

I like this Vince picture, the arc of bubbles under the water and the the right hand just breaking the surface is good. Althought the water did feel colder today it was nice to stay in because of the sun which was beginning to spill across the pool.

The reflection of the changing cubicles on the water was brilliant, like multi-coloured snakes writhing around. Mixed showers again but that didn't stop Batch stripping off to wash, I haven't seen him move so fast as when Sue called out if it was 'safe' to come in! Tom was looking very cold after his swim, he'd done eighteen lengths in probably around the same time I'd done twenty two. He'd swam with Sue and Chris for a bit but then had to speed up to keep warm, I was telling him how a sprint can make me feel colder afterwards.
Batch had organised a little belated birthday breakfast for Margy who had been ill on the real day but by the time I'd got dressed I had to dash off to work.

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