Monday, 17 October 2011

The big chill

Yes, it was a black trunks day. I had left my trusty orange pair at work over the week end. A bright sunny morning after a couple of lovely sunny days but along with all that sun we had clear nights and if my courgette plants were anything to go by a touch of frost in the early hours. 13ºC was the reading on the board when I arrived.

The thermometer in the deep end confirmed this. The deep water stays the warmest though and David freshly back from Croatia took his own reading from the midway point on the pool, a whole degree lower at 12ºC.

I don't know this swimmers name but he's been here most mornings doing many lengths, he must be serious because he keeps a water bottle by the shallow end! Although it was cold I went on to do twenty two lengths. I wonder if the sauna will be on before the 1st of December?

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