Thursday, 13 October 2011

Batch on film

A bit of a murky start, moisture in the air but it wasn't quite raining. Quite early to the lido for a Thursday, saw Elizabeth who was taking pictures for her blog but her battery was running out. The board still says 15.5ÂșC but I don't think they changed it from yesterday.

John was swimming in his colourful shorts, he seems to be looking directly at me. I try not to distract swimmers but I guess you wonder what's going on when you see someone at the bottom of the pool. After a mile Alfonso turned up so i swam another six lengths with him making it twenty four in total.

I took a short video of Batch, not very well framed. He asked me to have a go to see where he can improve his stroke. We watched it back afterwards, you'll see his left arm seems to go wide making his stroke asymmetric.

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