Monday, 3 October 2011

Summer stayed on

Summer stayed a little later this year, and it's been most welcome. This last week-end was wall to wall sunshine with the air temperature reaching 30ºC. They decided to keep the lido open to the public for an extra two days, probably the busiest week-end of the whole summer. On Sunday I did a twenty two length swim dodging paddlers, plodders, lilos and children. It was fun to have the place so full of life, on recent weeks there's been many the time I was the only person in the water.

The winter season started today, but with more sunshine and the water at 17ºC it was hard to believe it was the 3rd October. I got to the Lido at 8am, despite yesterdays crowds it was just the usual faces swimming. My first sub-aquatic image is of Elizabeth doing breaststroke, not a classic but I like how she's flying through the water. I was hoping to get her with her face underwater as she glided but I missed and then wanted to carry on swimming. Elizabeth cracked a rib a few weeks ago and isn't up to freestyle yet as it's still too painful. She's started running widths across the pool which has started a bit of a new craze but I don't think I'll be joining in. The water is slightly milky, I guess from all the week-ends sun block that has washed into it. I saw David, Jonathan, Vince, Sue, Chris, Pip, Carl and Kate among others. I expect I'll see a lot more of them as the mercury falls. The sauna isn't back on until the water falls below 10ºC or the first of December, whichever comes first. Carl asked about Sardinia and told me he was going to up his distance as the water got colder, I think I'll go the other way. Thirty six lengths was easy without a shiver.

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