Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Not winter yet

I wore winter cycling gear this morning, if anything I was a little too hot by the time I reached the pool. It's not winter yet! Perhaps it was the acclimatisation or maybe the hot cycle ride but the water felt warmer today despite the breeze, the board says 15ÂșC. The calm of the lido was somewhat broken by a man with a leaf blower, not only was it noisy and ineffective it seemed to blow fumes over the water when I was swimming.

After six lengths I was joined by Alfonso, he went off at a great pace and I had to step up a gear to keep up with him. By length three he'd slowed and I was getting a good lead on him. Did a total of twenty two lengths again and felt I could have done more today. The winter wear was good after the swim and I reached work with toasty hands and feet.

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