Monday, 10 October 2011

Super glide

A mild Monday morning, the pool almost empty when I arrived. Then I saw Elizabeth getting in the water. She had asked me on Friday if I caught a picture of her glide as she was breaststroking. I didn't, so I thought today might be the day. Getting in the water felt quite cool, the board said 15ÂșC but with David on holiday there was no way to check. Elizabeth was swimming freestyle to begin with, her ribs must be a bit better, I think she must have spotted me because on her return she changed to breaststroke, with a beautiful long glide.

I think this captures it quite well, I do love those surface reflections. There's an SLSC Vs Serpentine gala coming up on November 6th, both Pip and Vince asked me if I'd take part I said yes but who knows how cold it'll be by then. Despite my general pace I'm not really a one length racer, I'll do my best though and it's all good fun. I went on to swim twenty two lengths but I think I might be cutting down soon.

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  1. Hi Alex, thanx for that! technically speaking I guess I would have to have my head between my ears for less resistance and a better glide. Sometimes I remember to do that, obviously not on that stroke! - my broken rib is getting better, thanx - yes tried freestyle yesterday- it does hurt =hence changing over to breast stroke and back stroke - no idea why those strokes don't hurt! but hey I'm not complaining ... at least I'm swimming again and have a chance to improve on my other strokes! having a closer look I think my legs should me closer together at the end of the stroke and during the gliding phase- I see they are still a bit apart- ankles should touch .. I think?!