Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Great snakes!

The monster was out again rolling around the bottom of the pool trailing it's long hose across the water. It's fun to swim over it, if you get the timing right you can just knock it with your hand and swim on, get it wrong and you get all tangled up. The board claimed the water was 15.5ÂșC. I can't really believe it's gone up since yesterday but it is still mild for time of year. The water was surprisingly full, perhaps they had been inspired by Johnathan who was on Jo Brands program last night? When she came here on March 9th she picked him out as an eccentric and interviewed him.

Tom and Sue swimming through hoops. Spoke to Mandy this morning who also asked if I was willing to swim on November 6th, I hope they don't expect too much from me! Did twenty two lengths in total.

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