Thursday, 20 October 2011

Catching Alfonso

The weather has stayed bright sunny and cold. 12ºC on the board but Vince told me the thermometer reads 11ºC, pretty cold I think. No hanging around I got changed and into the water, only Elizabeth was swimming a the time and she then got out so I had the pool to myself for a while. Then I saw Alfonso arrive.

Alfonso didn't wait for me, he just got in and started swimming. I stopped to take a picture as he sped past. I then did my best to catch him up.

Pausing for another picture in deeper water, but this was slowing me down. I gained a little on him each length and after about seven we were neck and neck. On Alfonso's tenth length he sprinted to the end leaving me again, but then he got out. I had done fourteen and wanted to do four more to make it eighteen in total. I had noticed Elizabeth taking pictures around the pool, when I finished my swim she asked 'was that it?' she had wanted to try and catch my tumble turn again. She showed me a funny picture of myself upside down in the water bottom sticking out as I had tried to turn earlier, I expect it'll be on her blog later.

I liked this image, the sun so bright that the doors were reflecting their colours on the white door posts.

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