Monday, 31 October 2011

Going up

In the summer Monday is my favourite for a long swim having had a couple of days rest but in the winter I often find it a bit of a shock to get back into the cold water. This morning was mild and cloudy, so I was quite warm by the time I reached the lido. Elizabeth wanted to take pictures of me getting in from my usual seated dive position, I braced myself for the cold water but there was no need. It's about 12ºC again, certainly gone up since last weeks 10.5ºC or so.

Although it was rather gloomy the difference of the clocks changing was noticable when taking pictures. Still not exactly a fashion shoot but here's Elizabeth in her new suit.

As she passed I turned around and took this shot (and got more light) in which you can see the pattern on the front. Hasn't she got long legs!

This is Sue, Chris is hiding in the background. I went on to do eighteen length and wasn't really at all cold afterwards, hot even by the time I cycled to work.

Time for the October statistics:
In October 2011 the water temperature ranged from 17ºC to 10.5ºC
I swam a total of 548 lengths
Which is 54800 yards, about 31 miles or 50 Km
I did 22 seperate swims
Longest single swim 36 lengths, shortest 18 lengths
Scores on the doors: four blue, five red, six green and seven yellow.

Overall it's been a warm, mild month both in and out of the water. I expect the temperature to fall soon with a lot less distance in November.


  1. Impressive swimming stats Alex! Did u by buy any chance cheat with the door shot today?! .... not sure that the yellow door could have been as bright as it is in this shot?! Did you up the ASA in the camera settings today? And how did you make my legs look as long as that? I can only dream of having legs as long as that!

  2. I just repeat the same door pictures that I took back when it really was sunny! But I did seem to get better light in the water today despite it being a bit gloomy and murky.